Teamleader Teamleader, a leading CRM, planning and invoicing software for SME’s in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and France. Investment Date: May 2014 “Fortino helps us to take the necessary steps in the right direction. Their major expertise and experience, as well as their positive reputation and extensive network, have proven their worth multiple times”, Jeroen De Wit,…


Bloomon Bloomon, the first company to build an international consumer brand in the flower market. Investment Date: February 2017 “With the same ambitions, Fortino Capital is a perfect match. They help us expand into new markets and really care for the success of Bloomon”, Patrick Hurenkamp, Bloomon Visit Bloomon Patrick Hurenkamp - Founder Bloomon


BuyBay BuyBay, the leading provider of total solutions for returned products in e-commerce and retail. Investment Date: February 2017 “Thanks to the investment of Fortino Capital, we are able to achieve international business growth. With their expertise, great network and their believe in us, we have the perfect partner by our side”, Thijs Bosgoed, BuyBay…


Melita Melita is the leading converged telecommunications operator in Malta, with 99% of Malta’s households and dwellings passed and more than 110,000 unique subscribers. Investment Date: February 2016 “Fortino adds value beyond their investment, by the outstanding competence in our industry sector as well as extensive practical management experience. Eventually all shareholders benefit through optimised…


NOWO is the second-largest cable operator in Portugal, with more than 900,000 homes passed and around 200,000 subscribers. It offers 4P to consumers. Investment Date: Jan 2016 Miguel Veiga Martins - CEO Visit NOWO