Fortino Capital





Fortino invests in remarkable companies of today and tomorrow.
Our team supports small and medium-sized businesses with growth potential.

Together with you, we surf the waves and weather the storms.








What we deliver


We provide long-term capital

Fortino provides growth capital, in the form of (quasi-) equity, for small and medium-sized companies. Our financial resources can be committed for the long haul. We value vision, strategy, strong management, innovation and agile execution.  We will help you drive the most important accelerators in your company.

We are keen on passionate, experienced entrepreneurs.
We support companies focused on creating highly-scalable products or services, driving significant value propositions for all stakeholders.

We bring expertise

We are a focused team with a strong background in managing growth and business excellence at a local or international level. We actively help you to strengthen your business.

We bring our entrepreneurial experience, relationships, and expertise to the table. We are strong in strategy, marketing, corporate finance, culture development, governance & innovation and bring you access to a network of senior leaders from all over the world.

What we invest in


Growth Enablers

Cloud/SaaS technology platforms (enablers to SME companies or consumers)

  • Proprietary software platforms with clear differentiating elements
  • Scalable, substantial upside potential
  • Innovative way of serving new and traditional customers
  • Equity investments of EUR 0.5 – 3.0 million

Market Development Potential

Companies with market development potential _______________

  • Brand and product development, positioning
  • Go-to-market strategy, marketing, loyalty
  • Equity investments of EUR 1.0 – 8.0 million



Next Generation Businesses

Next generation businesses – Company 3.0________________

  • More mature businesses challenged by industry innovation and organisational change
  • Companies seeking to leverage ‘next generation’ management & technology through big data – advanced analytics, IT innovation, go-to-market best practices
  • TMT, Consumer Goods & Industrial
  • Investments of EUR 3.0 – 8.0 million                             __


What we drive in our participations


Solid Vision & Strategy

– Inspire management
– Encourage ambition
– Look for scale and/or operational leverage
– Pursue sustainable competitive advantages

Focus on customer needs

– Thorough analysis and continuous evaluations
– Focus on market segmentationŸŸŸŸ

Recruit and train best people

– The right leadership
– Help recruit top quality people
– Focus on skill-gaps

Build a solid culture

– Flat organisations
– The team wins
– Management by objectives
– Focus on people management
– Open communications & Respect
– No compromise on integrity
– Everybody knows a number customers
– Solid coaching rather than supervising

Performance management & agile execution

– Efficient operations
– Effective sales & marketing
– Focus on the right performance levers
– Inspire agility

Who We Are

How we work

You always win

Your company will likely benefit just by interacting with us. We take pride in providing value ahead of any potential investment. We will send you a proven checklist that will allow you to prepare for an optimal presentation or face-to-face meeting with us.

Dedicated contact person

One of our partners will be your dedicated point of contact.  In the discovery phase, we work swiftly and informally. When we do commit, we are in for the long haul, as your trusted partner.

Easy access

Our offices are in the center of Belgium, near Brussel National Airport. We are easily accessible, with parking next to our offices. Get in touch. Call or mail us.


Who We Support

Fortino proudly supports The Fortino School Foundation. The foundation develops projects such as Ignited, which offers coaching & workshops to teachers in order to prepare schools for the transition to 21st century education.

Fortino proudly supports The 49er Sailing Team