LetsBuild is the result of the merger between Aproplan and GenieBelt, aiming to become the European market leader in digital collaboration on construction site.

By combining GenieBelt and Aproplan through LetsBuild, project teams and workers benefit from having critical information available at their fingertips and being able to view tasks, report and coordinate easily, in real time. At the same time, office-based managers maintain full insight into progress and processes on the site, whilst building up a data foundation that enables them to make accurate decisions based on current information.

Investment date: June 2017

“Fortino is helping us move the needle. Their team is not only very competent and has great work ethic but also love to share best practices from the different portfolio companies. For us as a team this is amazingly valuable”
Thomas Goubau – Founder of Aproplan and CCO of LetsBuild


  • 2012


  • Klaus Nyengaard