Fortino is looking for great business digital opportunities to support passionate entrepreneurs and leaders in order to effectively deploying capital entrusted by individuals and institutions.

Founded in 2013
Fortino was founded in 2013 with the ambition to foster more confidence in growth capital in the Benelux. With a diverse team of C-levels and industry-leading experts, we created a fund to support ambitious and visionary entrepreneurs end-to-end and close to where they are.
Digital Growth Fund 
In 2017 Fortino raised a Digital Growth Fund to invest in larger growth equity tickets
AIFM License

In 2018 Fortino Capital Partners obtained its license as Alternative Investment Fund Manager according to the AIFM Directive.

It is a recognition of our professional commitment to quality in the work we do, of the assessments of  the risks we encounter and are willing to accept and ensure transparency in  what we achieve. 

The value we bring for you

Our ambition is to be the capital partner of choice, one that is close to you. We go beyond the mainstream by being a hands-on partner in everything you undertake to become successful in transforming industries.

Fortino is characterized by a diversified team with deep management expertise coming from different backgrounds. The core founders have been working together for over 15 years and have built a top-notch expert network of solid partners and reputable PE firms that our companies can leverage on.

Nick Poels & Alex Lisitzky, SupplyStack

For Companies

We constantly coach and mentor entrepreneurs and management teams, help them in exploring topics below the surface, support mission-critical recruitments and provide valuable expertise to create the next-level business opportunities. We act as a compact community of like-minded people and organize regular meetups with our portfolio companies so they can learn from each other and share best practices.

For Investors

We actively engage with you through advanced and recurring reporting, regular company visits and foster an open and active discussion between our companies and you.

We offer year-round access to fund management, provide the option to co-invest and value your views.